• Coffret "L'Écailler" Bleu ciel
  • L’Huitrié® Bleu ciel
  • Couteau "L'Écailler"
  • Couteau "L'Écailler"

Box "L'Écailler" Sky blue

The box "L'Écailler" is a must-have for keeping the oysters open with protection and efficiency. This box is composed of L'Huîtrié® Sky blue and the oyster knife "L'Écailler".






Forged stainless steel
Fabrication française
Reference P-BC
In stock


L'Huîtrié® Sky blue

Finally, open the oysters with confidence and serenity thanks to L'Huîtrié®. Its exclusive material and ergonomic shape integrates perfectly with the palm of the hand to firmly hold the oyster while protecting itself from the shell

And to top it off, L'Huîtrié® offers the advantage of not imbibing odors where cleaning is done simply by rinsing with clean water. Thus, after each use, L'Huîtrié® can be immediately stored while waiting for the opening of new shells.

Oyster knife "L'Écailler"

This oyster knife made in France is a must to open oysters. At the same time robust and practical, this so-called "lancet" knife is composed of a high-strength blade made of forged stainless steel (hardened stainless steel) which fits harmoniously into an ergonomic shape that ensures precision and efficiency to open any what shell.

L'Écailler is a tool that seduces many professionals with its robustness and reliability, master-words of French cutlery. This lancet knife is designed to meet intensive and frequent use. Anti-shock ABS handle with sandblasted effect for a lightweight utensil compatible with machine wash.

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Data sheet

Contenu du coffret
Couteau à huître L'ÉCAILLER
Protège-main L'Huîtrié® Bleu ciel
Protège-main L'Huîtrié®
Couleur : Bleu ciel
Dimensions : L. 18 cm x l. 12,2 cm x H. 15 mm
Matière synthétique
Poids : 13 g
Couteau à huître L'ÉCAILLER
Lame en acier inoxydable trempée
Longueur de la lame : 5,8 cm
Longueur du couteau : 15 cm
Longueur du manche : 9,4 cm
Manche en ABS
Poids : 33 g


How To Use L'Huîtrié®

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