User guide

Important information

Each visual is processed by our graphics department which optimizes or develops your design according to the information provided.

Rest assured, if your creativity is not at its peak, our graphic designer is therefore responsible for your artistic talent.

In order to certify your satisfaction and ensure a strong communication of your company through L'Huîtrié®, the visual is subject to your approval with a voucher. If necessary, retouching is done to your satisfaction. For any question, do not hesitate to contact L'Huîtrié® by phone or email.

The impression of your visual on L'Huîtrié® is done in unique color: white, black or navy blue.

Add your text

To add text, simply write the desired text in the form provided for this purpose:

To add the text to L'Huîtrié®, click on the available button «Add new text»:

Note : It is possible to add as many texts as you want.

Select an item to edit

To select an element, simply click on the desired object.

Customize the text

It is possible to customize the text, to do this, click on the element to edit:

 : Select a writing font

 : Put the text in bold 

 : Italicize the text

 : Souligner le texte

Add a curvature to the text

To be with the shape of L'Huîtrié®, it is possible to define a curvature on the selected text thanks to the tool "Curvature" by moving the cursor:

Add images and, or your logo

To add your logo, images of your choice or images suggested by L'Huîtrié®, it is necessary to click on:

The "Downloads" tool allows you to add your logo or the images of your choice to L'Huîtrié®.

Important note : For a qualitative rendering, the images must be in .SVG or .PNG format with transparent background, if possible in white, in order to be able to use with ease the tool "Color of the image".

In the case where the image coming from your computer does not have a transparent background and, or is not in .SVG or .PNG format, our graphic designer is in charge of reworking the image (s) sent ( s) to certify a good printing. For this purpose, the images are vectorized and colored with the color of your choice (white, black or navy blue).

All images added by you are available at any time in your gallery to be reused with ease.

Suggested images

L’Huîtrié® offers images that can be added to your visual. As indicated above, these are white and have a transparent background.

Color of the picture

To color a selected image, simply use the "Color Image" tool and choose the desired color.

Important note : To fully use this tool and quickly color any image, it must be white and in .SVG or .PNG format with transparent background.