An infographic service for a striking advertisement

An advertisement for oyster farmers, fishmongers, restorers and other professionals of the merroir

L’Huîtrié® is a useful advertising object that allows to simply and cheaply communicate the communication of oyster farmers, fishmongers, restorers and other professionals of the merroir. To facilitate the dissemination of this advertisement, L’Huîtrié® offers an online creation tool that allows you to submit to the infographic service the desired visual. To better understand how this tool works, you can consult the documentation available here.

A graphic designer at your service

Once your order is validated, the visual is worked by our graphic designer to certify the rendering to ensure a qualitative print of your communication on L'Huîtrié®. Some editing, patches or improvements can be made to better promote your image.

After applying patches, suggestions or improvements to your visual, it requires your validation. For this purpose, you are notified by email that a voucher is pending validation in your customer account where two options are available to you.

  • Accept the voucher :

After your acceptance of the voucher, the visual is sent directly in print according to the model transmitted and validated by you.

  • Dismiss the voucher :

If the transmitted visual does not meet your needs, refuse the requested changes. It is important to describe the desired changes in the box provided for this purpose.

Graphic creation of your visual

If you do not have a logo, image or simply no creativity, our graphic designer will make a unique model to ensure a powerful communication through L'Huîtrié®. This possibility offered by L'Huîtrié® is governed by the same validation process explained above, without any additional cost.

Only after validation on your part of the available voucher in your customer account, L'Huîtrié® personalized to your image is sent in print.

Reception time

After validation of the voucher, it takes about 3 weeks to receive L'Huîtrié® at the specified delivery address.